Amber X & Pendant

Wirless Emergency Response System acts as the base unit for all applications. It can be programmed to fit your lifestyle with medication and event reminders. With Amber X you will have piece of mind knowing help is just a push button away.


  • Emergency Button — Acts the same as a pendant being pressed
  • Call Button — Calls Response Center for non-emergency assistance.
  • Check Button — Used to respond to reminders, will answer phone if ringing or will announce time if not.
  • Speed Dial — Automatically calls programmed phone number when pressed.

Door Contacts

  • Works in support with Amber X
  • Can be programmed to alert when door is opened.
  • Reversed to alert for intruders.
  • Monitored at a central station or to family.
  • Smart phone compatible

Motion Sensors & Inactivity Monitors

  • Works in support for Amber X
  • Can be programmed to detect inactivity or motion.
  • Wireless
  • Long Battery Life
  • Smart phone compatible

Smoke Detector

  • Automatic Emergency Response
  • Wireless
  • Can save up to 15% on homeowners insurance!

MEDREADY (Medication Reminder)

  • Automatic Medication Dispenser with a red Flashing red Light to alert the patient that it is time to take their medication.
  • First Option 1600 FL-Flashing Light Package
  • Comes complete with A/C Adapter!
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Medication Tray
  • Blue Locking Lid

Other Product Available

  • GPS Locating System and Devices
  • Stove Protector
  • Fall Detector
  • Pressure Mat
  • CO2 Detector
  • Flood Detector
  • Assistive Switches

System Features

  • Emergency Button Can Be Worn On Wrist Or As Pendant
  • Smoke Detector - Alerts Help If Smoke Is Detected.
  • Inactivity Monitoring
  • Door/Window Transmitters
  • Carbon Monoxide Detection